Follow up on Craft Guide to Sydney and Melbourne

Follow up on Craft Guide to Sydney and Melbourne

While we were finalizing and printing the Summer 2019 issue, kind readers shared their concerns about some shops in Sydney and Melbourne mistreating BIPOC customers, and their unwillingness to correct their actions. At that point we were unable to change the contents of the print magazine, but we decided to make some modifications to the PDF version that you can download from Ravelry.

(A free download code is included in your print copy. Please check the last page.)

Please note that those shops are still listed in the craft guide, but their locations have been deleted from the Google Maps we have created. We indicated in the PDF which shops have been deleted from the map.

We sincerely hope that those businesses in question will change their mindsets and behaviors in the future, and join the BIPOC discussion that is important to our community. Through knitting, we have made so many friends around the world, and had believed that the community we are so proudly part of is a kind, inclusive, and welcoming place for all fiber lovers (and non-lovers for that matter). We are very sorry to have learned otherwise. When we learn that those businesses altered their positions, we will make another modification to the digital version.


Lastly, we feel ashamed to have missed in the list one of our dear stockists in Melbourne area, Woolarium, a shop that have been supporting us for many years. You can find them in the Google Map now.


265 High St, Northcote. VIC 3070
03 9486 5275

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