Featured: Gake by Kirsten Johnstone

Featured: Gake by Kirsten Johnstone

Gake is our featured pattern this week.  Designed by Kirsten Johnstone, the summer top has very interesting and unique features yet chic and wearable.

Kirsten described the features for us:

Kirsten: My design inspiration developed from thoughts about the inherent contrasting features of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch. I wanted to explore a design that celebrated both sides of the knit while still ‘working together’ as a coherent design.

This design incorporates 2 completely different shaped tops, butted together along the central exposed seam line. One side of the design features a fitted sleeve, smooth stockinette stitch and tailored waist shaping with a longer hem line. The other side has a sleeveless snug shoulder hugging cap, reverse stockinette stitch, a flared hem with waist shaping and a shorter hem.
It reveals more on a second and third glance without screaming ‘look at me’!


What other type of yarn would work for this pattern? Any modification ideas?

Kirsten: Yes! I have included in the pattern a modification to make this design a cardigan. So easy to do and would make this into a super funky little cardigan – perfect for those mild summer evenings I love.
As for yarn, I think a yarn with some “structure” might display the flared hem detail effectively – perhaps a linen or linen blend. I would also consider a silk / merino yarn with some “bounce”.


If you are to knit it again, any ideas for color choices?

Kirsten: I’ve been pondering a version using grey tsumugi silk to the stockinette stitch side and doing an irregular striped color combination to the reverse stockinette stitch side to really highlight the contrasting features of this design.


Lastly, how did you like our latest issue? Any favorite part of yours?

Kirsten: I particularly enjoyed those sweet Mondrian Socks! I’m conjuring in my mind a fabulous ‘grellow’ pair but I readily admit to not being much of a sock knitter. However, that said, when the time is right, those are the ones at the top of my list!

Next week Mondrian Socks will be featured - so perfect. Thank you, Kirsten!



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