Who We Are

tokuko Hooked on knitting since childhood, Tokuko decided to make a career out of knitting several years ago.  These days, while teaching in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, she devotes her time to run amirisu. Her passion is to introduce more fashionable knitting in Japan! She now lives in Nara with her husband and a little black cat. For amirisu, she is the education and pattern production head, as well as takes care of business administrations.

小さい頃から編物が大好きで、30歳過ぎた時に編物を仕事にする事に決める。現在は、東京、京都、大阪、神戸で編物教室を主催する傍ら、amirisuに走り回る日々。日本にもオシャレな編物を広めたいと絶賛活動中! 現在は奈良にて夫と黒猫と暮らしている。

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meri Has been an avid crafter since childhood, but stayed away from knitting, strangely following her mother's advice. Several years ago she decided that she was old enough to knit. In 2014, she left her corporate job for good, moved to Kyoto and became a full-time knitter.  She now lives in Kyoto with a husband and a baby son. For amirisu, she is the editor, creative director, merchandiser and business developer.

子供の頃から様々なクラフトに手を出してきたが、編み物は「大人になるまで我慢しなさい」と母親に言われ、なぜか忠実に守って成人する。数年前、そろそろ大人になっただろうと編み物をはじめ、案の定すっかりハマる。 2014年、サラリーマン生活から足を洗い、京都に転居。現在は夫と息子とともに暮らす。

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