Issue 12 - Winter 2017

amirisu issue 12 cover

Issue 12 is scheduled to be released on January 13, 2017.

The collection includes 8 patterns, all of which are in the magazine.

Featured is Craft Guide to Iceland.

For those of you who prefer the “high-tech” version, a digital download code is included.

For North American customers, your copy will be shipped from within the States.

For customers in the rest of the world, your order will be shipped from Japan.

The online version is a look book and does not contain any actual pattern. Individual patterns will be available on Ravelry.

amirisu 12号の発売日は2017年1月14日です。

掲載パターン ショール、ウェアなど8点。日本語と英語で全パターン掲載されています。

特集 クラフトシティガイド、アイスランド。