Wave Breaker by Susanne Sommer

Wave Breaker by Susanne Sommer

This is the second interview with Susanne!
This time we talk about Wave Breaker, a beautiful brioche stitch shawl knit in amirisu Parade. No matter what two colors you choose, you are going to get a sophisticated and stylish shawl.
amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?
Susanne: The inspiration for Wave Breaker was the stitch pattern itself. There are endless variations to Brioche stitch, and one them that creates very graphic stripes is Stockinette Brioche. The crisp stripes in blue and white instantly created a nautical association. Breaking the lines with diagonal stripes added not only visual interest, but adds variety when knitting. The name was then inspired by the design, as the diagonal lines seam to break to flow of the Brioche.
amirisu: What, if any, challenges did you encounter during the design process?
Susanne: This design initially just flew off my needles. It worked on the first try just like I pictured it. It took a little longer to fine-tune the pattern repeats, so the shawl makes the most of the yardage of the beautiful Parade yarn.
amirisu: If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?
Susanne: I would love to knit this with either Sienna and Putrajaya (rusty red and powder pink) or Paris and Kyoto (white and dark gray). It would look great with a high contrast, but a fun color combination would be amazing too. I can never decide between graphic neutrals and colours, so I usually make more than one of each design.
Thank you, Susanne!


今回は、Paradeで編む美しいブリオッシュ編みのショール、Wave Breakerのお話です。どんな2色を選んでも洗練されたおしゃれなショールが出来上がりそう!

amirisu: デザインのインスピレーションはどこから得ましたか?
ステッチパターンそのものがWave Breakerのインスピレーションでした。ブリオッシュ編みには無限のバリエーションがあり、そのうちのひとつがメリヤスのブリオッシュ編みで、とてもグラフィカルなストライプを作り出します。青と白の鮮明なストライプはすぐに航海のイメージと結びつきました。模様の上に斜めのラインを走らせることで、視覚的な面白さだけでなく編むときの楽しみも増えたと思います。ブリオッシュ編みの流れを斜めのラインが断ち切っている。そんなデザインから、パターン名の着想を得ました。

amirisu: デザインの過程で、どんな苦労や工夫がありましたか?

amirisu: もう一枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?


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