Varda by Paula Pereira

Varda by Paula Pereira

Today we're speaking with Paula Pereira about her open front cardigan design for Issue 23, Varda. We asked her about her inspiration and favorite movie. 

amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?
Paula: The documentary that inspired this cardigan, Visages Villages ( or, Faces Places), is one of my favorites. It revolves around the collaboration between Agnes Varda, a multi-award-winning director, photographer, and artist who was an important participant in the French New Wave movement in the late 50's, and JR, a young French photographer.
They travel through rural France meeting different people, listening to their stories, taking their pictures, and capturing the emotion behind each story for a beautiful and powerful art project. It is a true story filled with emotion, generosity, and beauty!
The cardi was inspired by the segment where they stop at a harbor dock to talk with the workers. Not a minute passes and Agnes says the men are not interesting enough and they should go and talk with their wives. It turns out the wives are much more interesting, as they talk about their hopes, desires, view of life, etc. After talking to the women and taking pictures of them, JR and Agnes go back and ask the husbands to move some containers to create a big gallery "wall" for the enlarged photographs of the wives. It is very touching to see the impressions and emotions of all the people involved when they finish the installation.
The construction of the cardi and it is all-over motif was inspired by this particular segment.

amirisu: If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?
Paula: I believe this cardigan will be great in any color. I probably would choose a light to medium shade to show off the cables.


amirisu: What is your favorite movie genre?
Paula: I don't have a favorite movie genre. I'm open to watching all types of movies, except horror! Definitely is not my thing.

amirisu: When and where do you typically knit?
Paula: Most of the time I knit at my home and I knit a lot every single day! <3




amirisu: このデザインのインスピレーションはどこから得ましたか?
Paula: お気に入りのドキュメンタリー映画「顔たち、ところどころ」からインスピレーションを得ました。1950年台後半のフランスのヌーベルヴァーグにおいて重要な役割を果たし、たくさんの賞を受賞した映画監督であり、写真家であり、アーティストでもあるアニエス・ヴァルダと、若いフランス人写真家のJRのコラボレーションを中心にストーリーが展開していきます。彼らはフランスの田舎を旅しながらさまざまな人に出会い、話を聞いて写真を撮り、彼らの感情を敏感にとらえ、美しく力強いインスタレーションアートを創り出します。感情と寛大さ、美しさに満ちた、真実の物語です。



amirisu: もう1枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?
Paula:  何色でも、間違いなく素晴らしいカーディガンになりますよ!私だったら、ケーブル模様が見えやすいように明るめの色を選ぶと思います。


amirisu: 好きな映画のジャンルはなんですか?
Paula: 特に好きなジャンルはありません。ホラー以外であれば、どんな映画でも観ます。

amirisu: 普段の生活では、いつどこで編み物をすることが多いですか?
Paula:  ほとんどの場合、家で編み物しています。毎日たくさん編みますよ!


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