Saltkaret by Sari Nordlund

Saltkaret by Sari Nordlund

Today we're talking with Sari Nordlund about her sigh-inducingly pretty colorwork pullover from Issue 24, one of her favorite places in her hometown, and a little about Finnish crafts. By the end of this interview you'll want to visit Finland to experience its beautiful nature and rich traditional crafts yourself!


amirisu: What challenges did you encounter during the design process?
Sari: I based my design on the traditional Korsnäs sweaters that have been knitted in the Western part of Finland since the 19th century. The original Korsnäs sweaters have a boxy fit and combine both knitted and crocheted parts, so the challenge was to keep the feel of the traditional sweater but modernise it by making it with a circular yoke. I also wanted to keep the feel of the crocheted elements but do them in knitting instead, so that was something I thought long how to do.


amirisu: If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?
Sari: The original Korsnäs sweaters were mainly red on white background with accents of green, so I think that would be a fun colour combination to try. If I were to knit it for myself, I would probably choose a monochrome white-grey-black combination so it would best suit my own wardrobe.

amirisu: Tell us a little bit about a favorite place of yours in the town or area you grew up in or where you live now.
Sari: I grew up in a small seaside town Pietarsaari on the west coast of Finland. My favourite place there is the Fäboda beach, with its fine sand and smooth rocks, and it is surrounded by beautiful forests. We often go there to swim and watch the sun set into the horizon. In winter we hike along the beach over the ice when the sea is frozen.


amirisu: What is one handicraft or traditional art or skill (other than knitting) from your country or region that you like or have an interest in?
Sari: Finland has a rich tradition in tapestry crochet, which is something I would definitely love to learn. I would also love to learn more carving. I have tried to carve wood a few times, and it is fun but very challenging! But I love hand carved wooden objects such as spoons, there is something utterly beautiful about natural wood!

 Thank you, Sari!


今回は、ため息が出るほど美しい編み込みのセーターをデザインしてくれたSariさんにお話を伺いました。 美しい自然と豊かな伝統工芸を体験しにフィンランドに行ってみたくなります。

amirisu: デザインの過程で、どんな苦労や工夫がありましたか?
Sari: 19世紀以降、フィンランド西部で編まれてきた伝統的なセーターKorsnäsをもとにデザインしました。元々のオリジナルのKorsnäsは、ボクシーフィットで、棒針編みとかぎ針編みのパーツが組み合わさっているのが特徴です。もっとも苦労したのは、伝統的なセーターの雰囲気を残しつつ、丸ヨークにすることでモダンにアレンジしたところ。また、かぎ針編みの要素を棒針で表現するにはどうしたらいいかについても、長い時間考えました。


amirisu: もう一枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?


amirisu: あなたの住む町や生まれ育った町の好きな場所はどこですか?簡単に紹介してください。
Sari: 私はフィンランド西海岸にあるPietarsaariという小さな町で育ちました。美しい森に囲われ、さらさらの砂と気持ちの良い岩があるFäbodaビーチが大好きです。私たちは、よくそこへ泳ぎに行き、水平線に沈む夕日を眺めたものです。冬になって海が凍ると、氷の上をハイキングしに出かけていました。

amirsiu: あなたの国や地域に伝わる手工芸や技術について、好きなものを一つ選んで教えてください。
Sari: フィンランドにはかぎ針編みのタペストリーの豊かな伝統があります。私もぜひとも学んでみたいと思っているところです!


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