Komorebi by Mizuho Komiya

Today we're talking with Mizuho Komiya, designer of Komorebi, a circular yoke sweater featuring fun contrasting colors and clever use of brioche. Mizuho is also a member of the amirisu team in Kyoto where she regularly teaches knitting lessons.

amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?

Mizuho: I had been thinking for some time that I wanted to design a sweater with a small section of embellishment instead of an allover pattern, but I didn't have any particular ideas at first. Later, after designing a cowl and scarf with brioche, it struck me that I could use brioche to add a section of embellishment to a circular yoke sweater, and that's how I got started on Komorebi.

amirisu: If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?

Mizuho: I would choose a navy or dark green for the main color and a light neutral like a gray to make the brioche leaf motif really stand out.
When I knit something for myself I'm always drawn to darker tones and neutrals. 

amirisu: Do you have any favorite stitch patterns that you like to use?

Mizuho: I do, I even used it in this sweater. It's the K3tKYK that makes the smocking-like texture on the body and sleeves. I like stitches that add texture and often them in my designs.

amirisu: Are there any new at-home activities you’ve been enjoying over the past few months? 

Mizuho: I've always loved spending time at home, so I don't think I'm actually spending more time at home than before... That said, we did welcome a new puppy recently, so time at home is even more fun than usual! I'm currently trying to train him not to chew on my yarn.


Thank you for your time, Mizuho! Best of luck with puppy training!


本日ご紹介するのは爽やかな色と肩のブリオッシュ編みのワンポイントが印象的なKomorebiのデザイナー、Mizuho Komiyaさんです。Walnut京都店でレッスンを受け持つamirisuの仲間でもあります。

amirisu: このデザインのインスピレーションはどこから得ましたか?

Mizuho: セーターで総柄ではなくワンポイントのあるような物を作りたいとだいぶ前から考えていて、少し前にデザインしたブリオッシュのカウルやスカーフの技法を使ってヨークセーターを作れば可能なのではないかと思いついたのが最初です。

amirisu: もう1枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?

Mizuho: 紺色や濃い緑色のベースに薄いグレーなどシックな色でこの葉の模様がはっきり浮き上がる物が編みたいですね。

amirisu: つい使ってしまう、お気に入りのステッチがあれば教えてください。

Mizuho: このセーターの地模様にも使っていますが、3目一度(K3togを編むように) に針を入れて、目を落とさずにK1, YO, K1を編み入れる模様が好きでよく使いますね。

amirisu: 最近おうちで過ごす時間が多くなったと思います。何か新しい過ごし方やお楽しみがあれば教えてください。

Mizuho: 元々家にいるのが大好きで、時間が増えたわけではないのですが、新しく家族に子犬を迎えたのでますますおうち時間が楽しくなりました。



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