Knitting Pattern Challenge!

Knitting Pattern Challenge!

In Japan, many people are participating in something called Book Cover Challenge and Cooking Book Challenge, where you pick your favorite books, take a photo of the covers, and post on Instagram tagging your friends. It's a fun way to enjoy Stay Home period, for you can enjoy what other people are reading, or, while digging through your book shelves you may also find some forgotten gems.

I have been thinking about doing something like this for knitting. Hope you will like it and participate!


- You can look back your past projects and perhaps learn a bit about yourself
- Introduce your favorites to your friends
- Perhaps you can start a mini-KAL with friends
- Support independent designers

If you'd like to participate, please read the following rules, and you can copy & paste on your post, too! Looking forward to seeing your favorites :)




1. Post two photos, a pattern each, either together as multi-photo post, or in two separate posts. Make sure to write the pattern and designer names, and yarn name if you can. Tag the designer if you can.

A. Your single most favorite project ever. Something that you are using the most, or something that was most fun to knit. If you are a designer, post your most favorite design.
B. One pattern that you are going to knit next.

2. One photo per pattern, and do not collage multiple photos into one frame.

3. In order to support independent designers, we suggest you pick patterns that are not free, and can be purchased online.

4. Do not choose a pattern just because you are friends with a designer. Choose something that you absolutely love.

5. Tag a couple of friends in your post, but you don't have to tag anyone at all. AND, you can start by yourself, without being tagged.

Please use below tags: 


#編み物パターンチャレンジ #knittingpatternchallenge @amirisushop

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