Harmony by Megumi Sawada

Harmony by Megumi Sawada

We are now in the about half way through our designer interviews. Thank you for joining us through our conversations with each designer featured in Issue 27!

I can't help but think that music is an ideal companion to knitting. Even with your hands full you can enjoy listening to a song, and as this issue shows, there are many ways music can inspire your creativity.

Today we are taking a look at Megumi Sawada's design, Harmony, a pullover that is made up of several cables balanced in perfect harmony.

amirisu: Where did you get the inspiration for this design?
Megumi: When I was heard the theme of "music," the first thing that came to mind was the word "harmony."
Music has been a part of my life since I was a child. Looking back, music been a source of support in throughout my life. The sounds of voices singing in beautiful harmony has always been my favorite aspect of music.
I wondered if I could express "harmony" in some way. That's why I designed this sweater.

amirisu: What challenges did you face in the design process?
Megumi: The cables are the main point of this sweater, but I was careful to make sure that the other patterns matched the main cables and that the patterns themselves expressed harmony, so I knit a lot of swatches.
Two significant parts of the design that took some refining were the shape of the neckline and deciding to make the cuffs of the sleeves a little longer than usual.

amirisu: If you were to knit another one, what color would you use?
Megumi: I would like to knit another one in a bright color like white (00) or light gray (01) of TOV DK.

amirisu: Is there any particular music you like to listen to while knitting?
Megumi: I listen to pop music and rock music, but I often make playlists of my current favorite artists to listen to while I knit. I think I make more progress when I knit while listening to my favorite music.

Thank you, Megumi!



amirisu: このデザインのインスピレーションはどこから得ましたか?

amirisu: デザインの過程で、どんな苦労や工夫がありましたか?
Megumi: ケーブルがメインのポイントですが、それ以外の模様がメインのケーブルに合うか、かつ、その模様自体もハーモニーを表現するかどうかに気を使い、今回もたくさんスワッチを編みました。襟ぐりの形と、袖のゴム編み部分を少し長めにしたのが、今回のデザインで工夫したポイントです。

amirisu: もう一枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?
Megumi: TOV DKの真っ白(00)やライトグレー(01)などの明るい色で編みたいです。

amirisu: 編み物をしながら聴く音楽、編み物が捗る音楽はありますか?もしくは、好きな音楽を教えてください。
Megumi: ポップスもロックも満遍なく聴くのですが、その時好きなアーティストのプレイリストを自分で作って、それを聴きながら編むことが多いです。好きな曲を聴きながら編む方が捗るように思います。


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