Fjellu by Sari Nordlund

Fjellu by Sari Nordlund

In this interview we talk with Sari. She designed Fjellu, a stylish shawl with a fine lace pattern. The pure white sample was so beautiful that I couldn't imagine knitting it in other colors, but after reading her answer, I thought it might be nice to knit it in other colors... She also told us her favorite cities and restaurants in Finland!  Keep reading to learn more about her design!
amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?
Sari: My inspiration came from the duality of water, how it can be very still at times and turn into powerful cascades and rapids at other times. I wanted to capture that into my design, with one half of the shawl being foamy and wavy lace and the other tranquill garter stitch reminding of little ripples of waves on a still lake.
amirisu: What, if any, challenges did you encounter during the design process?
Sari: I thi k the biggest challenge with working with themes is capturing the feel without being too literal, but I think I captured the feeling of water falling down quite well while the shawl is still beautiful in its own right. 
amirisu:  If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?
Sari: I think blue would suit the design very well and bring the element of water more into foreground. I'm really into reds at the moment too so maybe I would go for something like that too!
amirisu:  How do you like to spend time in the summer? What do you like to knit or make in warmer months?
Sari: I like to knit socks during the summer, they are small and easily portable. I also love knitting summer tops. This summer I'm going to spend as much outside and tend to our new little garden.
amirisu: Tell us a little about one or two of your favorite spots to recommend to someone thinking to visit Finland.
Sari: There are a lot of great restaurants and cafes and museums in Helsinki, but if you want to venture a bit further away, I love Turku and Porvoo especially in the summer. Porvoo has a really idyllic and historiacal old town with little wooden houses, and Turku has an amazing restaurants scene, few of my favorites are
Thank you, Sari!

amirisu: デザインのインスピレーションはどこから得ましたか?

amirisu: デザインの過程で、どんな苦労や工夫がありましたか?

amirisu: もう一枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?

amirisu: 夏はどんな過ごし方をするのが好きですか?夏には何を編んだり作ったりしますか?

amirisu: フィンランドのおすすめスポットを教えてください。



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