Leblanc by amirisu

Leblanc by amirisu

Leblanc, designed by Tokuko, is one of two amirisu designs in Issue 20.
Once all of the designs from outside designers have been confirmed for the next issue of the magazine, Tokuko and Meri review the collection to identify what might be missing. While deciding what to add can be a challenge, they agree that discussing and developing designs is part of the fun of creating a magazine.


amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?

Tokuko: Actually, there were a bunch of random events that led to us receiving yarn that was much flashier than we expected. By the time the yarn arrived there wasn’t much time before the deadline, so instead of waiting for the yarn I originally had in mind, I decided to change the design. I made swatch after swatch as I looked for ways to showcase the colors of the yarn in a wearable way. In the end, I decided on a design for a simple, cap-sleeve pullover.


amirisu: If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?

Tokuko: I love greens and yellows, so I’d like to make one with those colors. Yarns that are colorful and flashy are great for this design, so I encourage everyone to try knitting it with a really fun, ostentatious variegated yarn!


amirisu: Could you tell us about any shops or places you recommend in your area? We are dreaming of places to go and things to do in the future.

Tokuko: I live in Nara, which is near Kyoto where our WALNUT flagship is located, but Nara is quieter and there are less people. It’s the perfect place for taking quiet walks. Nara is famous for the deer that live in and around Nara Park, but I think most people would be surprised to see just how free they are to roam the town!
One of my favorite places to recommend is Kasuga Taisha. It’s a shrine surrounded by a big forest near Mt. Wakakusa, so you can really enjoy nature and the relaxed atmosphere of Nara.
But there is one caveat – Nara is not a town that stays up late! If you want to have dinner, you’ll need to enter the restaurant by 19:00. Nara may be the ancient capital, but it’s not a big city. If you’re in Nara in the evening, be sure to keep an eye on the clock so you don’t miss out on dinner.




amirisu: このデザインのインスピレーションはどこから得ましたか?Tokuko: 実は、色々なハプニングが重なり、思いもよらない派手な色の糸が手元にやってきました。納期まで本当に持ち時間が少なかったため、考えていたデザインを一旦捨て去り、なんとかこの色を生かしたデザインができないかスワッチを何枚も編み、すっきりした丈の短めの半袖プルに決めました。

amirisu: もう1枚編むとしたら何色で編みますか?

Tokuko: 緑や黄色が大好きなので、その色味で編みたいです。派手な色の方がデザイン上ピッタリだと思いますので、みなさんもこの機会に派手派手色でトライしてみてくださいね。 

amirisu: ご自宅の近くのオススメのお店や場所があったら教えて下さい (自由に旅をできる日々が戻ってくることを夢見ています)。

Tokuko: 私は奈良の中心地に住んでいますが、奈良はWALNUT本店がある京都よりも人が少なくのんびりお散歩するのにピッタリな場所です。みなさんが思っている以上に鹿が自由に街中を散歩しているんですよ。

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