Craft City Guide: Portland, OR

Craft City Guide: Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of Wildcraft Studio School.

In the latest issue of amirisu, I was able to realize the idea I've been wanting to try in the last couple of years - a craft city guide. I have been pretty crafty all my life, and knitting is not the only craft I keep my hands busy with. Majority of our readers are similarly interested in diverse types of crafts. That's why our guide is not a yarn shop guide.
I've been to Portland, Oregon, a few times in the recent years, and always felt truly inspired just by being there and walking around.  During the recent trip, we had lords of fun taking the macramé workshop and a day trip to Wildcraft Studio and spent a day with Kayla and other fellow participants.  This is the fruit of such inspirational trip.

You can view the full list of shops and places to visit in Portland, but for those of you who wish to have a more "readable" map, here are the download links.
Hope they help your travel planning.


マクラメやWildcraft Studioの織りのワークショップ、実際に自分たちで受けてきました。観光地やお買い物も楽しいけれど、新しいことを学び、いろいろな人とコミュニケーションすることで、旅も一層思い出深いものとなります。


Portland Map

Seattle Map
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