【Call for Submission】amirisu + Brooklyn Tweed book project!

【Call for Submission】amirisu + Brooklyn Tweed book project!

【amirisu + Brooklyn Tweed book project】

Brooklyn Tweed and amirisu have been collaborating since before amirisu became a company in 2014 and we have carried BT yarns in our shop since day one when we opened our brick-and-mortar shop over seven years ago.

Over the years we have expanded to carry wide variety of yarns in our shops and we even developed our own yarns, but our love for BT’s woolen spun yarns has never faltered. We want to knit with Shelter, Loft and Quarry, and we want to make a book with them!

Our in-house designers are excited about the project, and we thought you might be interested, too! So... We decided to open our submission call to the world!

We are looking for several unisex designs for the book, ranging from sweaters to accessories. Here are the conditions:


(1) Choose your yarn from Shelter, Loft, Quarry, Arbor, Peerie, Dapple and Tones. You may use multiple yarns for your design if necessary.

(2) Our inspiration for this book is the work of Finnish architects and designers, such as Aalto, Saarinen and Isola (contemporary designers are OK, too).

(3) Garments need to be graded for at least 11 sizes - Female XS - XXL, Male S - XXL, plus kids sizes if possible. (Detailed sizing will be provided.)

(4) Accessories need to be graded for at least 3 sizes - Kids, adult S and L. (Detailed sizing will be provided)

(5) Sample colors will be chosen by amirisu, so please don’t make a sample for your submission (unless you would like to knit one more).

(6) For submission, please send us a sketch with rough sizing and ease (Female adult S), swatches, and design descriptions. Please include your Instagram and Ravelry accounts. Submitting multiple ideas is recommended.

We usually check designers’ Ravelry and Instagram accounts to make sure that the designers have good amount of pattern-writing and grading experience.

(7) The deadline is January 15th. Please email your submission to contribute@amirisu.com

We are planning to publish the book by the end of 2022, and the book will be sold through our stockists around the world. The total number of patterns will be around twelve to fourteen.

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