Issue 21 - Fall / Winter 2020

Issue 21 - Fall / Winter 2020

Our 21st issue was launched in 6th of November, 2020.

This issue features twelve knitwear designs that will inspire you with texture and color, created by some of our most favorite designers from Japan and abroad.

Participating Designers: Stella Egidi / Keiko Kikuno / Mizuho Komiya / Sari Nordlund / Rievive / Megumi Sawada / Alina Schneider / Orlane Sucche / Dianna Walla / Miyuki Watanabe / amirisu

From Land to Needles - Tracing our yarns back to their sources
Meri interviews the founders of two yarn companies -- Nomadnoos and Woolfolk -- working to make the world a better place through ethical, sustainable, and regenerative business practices.

Plus a project from Lori Ann Graham, holiday gift ideas, handmade projects using bassen indigo dyeing and weaving, and more.A4 size, 130 pages

Download Code: A Ravelry download code of the entire magazine is printed on an inserted card.

Printed in Japan.


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Rest of the World

amirisu Issue 21では、TextureとColorをテーマにした12点を紹介。

参加デザイナー: Stella Egidi / Keiko Kikuno / Mizuho Komiya / Sari Nordlund / Rievive / Megumi Sawada / Alina Schneider / Orlane Sucche / Dianna Walla / Miyuki Watanabe / amirisu

特集は、From Land to Needles。私たちがいつも触れている糸の背景をたどります。メリが、NomadnoosのCoty Jeronimus, WoolfolkのKristin Fordにインタビューし、お二人が取り組んできた再生型ビジネスのあり方について伺いました。





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