Featured: Sunday Market by Ayano Tanaka

I’ve been seeing so many pictures of Rhinebeck since last week, and I am so jealous! Everyone seemed they were having a great time, and the Rhinebeck sweaters were just awesome. My dream is to go there one day. So, now that one of the big event is over for 2017, why don’t you join our KAL for amirisu Issue…


Featured: Devon by Paula Pereira

Have you already seen the latest issue of amirisu? I hope you are enjoying the magazine as we are. From this week, We will be introducing patterns and designers from Issue 14, and the first one is Devon! The beautifully texturized, yet so light and confortable, it is a go-to pullover from the cover. The…


Issue 14 – Fall 2017

The collection includes 8 patterns, all of which are in the magazine. For those of you who prefer the “high-tech” version, a digital download code is included. Featured is Craft City Guide to London. For US customers, your copy will be shipped from within the States. For customers in the rest of the world, your order will be…


amirisu 2 day retreat at the heart of historic city Kyoto

日本語版ブログはこちらです。 Knitting is my passion, but I do love all kinds of fiber crafts. Natalie Miller is an Australian textile artist that I have been avidly following in the last few years.  Her work often combines different techniques including weaving, macramé and Chinese knot making, using colorful yarn and ropes that she dyes herself.  Her…


Slow Fashion October – SMALL

In Kyoto, it is easier to find independent makers than in Tokyo, or in fact, than anywhere else I know.  There are lots of crafters’ ateliers and select shops that sell locally produced clothes and crafts. One of such places is Tezomeya, a dyer’s atelier and shop at the heart of the city.  I have…


Slow Fashion October – ME

As I’ve written at the end of Karen’s article in the Fall Issue of amirisu, we’d like to contribute our little stories (more or less my personal stories, since I’m the only one writing them), and a lot of thoughts around the topic. The relocation of our shop and office at the beginning of October…


Craft City Guide: Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of Wildcraft Studio School. In the latest issue of amirisu, I was able to realize the idea I’ve been wanting to try in the last couple of years – a craft city guide. I have been pretty crafty all my life, and knitting is not the only craft I keep my hands busy…


Free Pattern from amirisu – Broken Stripe Hat

If you are anxious to try out Woolfolk Får but not quite sure what to knit with it, or, if you have some leftover from your previous projects, we have a great pattern for you! A simple unisex hat in navy and white goes with most winter wardrobe.  If you start knitting it now, you…



お正月セールの熱気も冷めやらぬamirisuですが、来週16日金曜日に新しい号がリリースされます。今回は雑誌に全てのパターンが入っており、雑誌を買った方が非常にお得になっていますよ!ショップで販売中です。 さて、6号のリリースに合わせて展示会を開催します。掲載作品展示とキット販売を予定。実際に触れて試着して、糸をお選び頂けますよ。 ニットカフェも参加者募集中!メールにてご連絡下さいね。お待ちしております。 WALNUT@京都日時:1/24 (土)、25 (日)、27 (火) 13時~18時半場所:WALNUT 京都作品の展示、キットや糸の販売、ニットカフェ ニットカフェ:2回開催します。・6号発刊記念ニットカフェ一番先に作品をご覧になれるチャンス!1月17日 16時〜18時参加費:500円(お茶お菓子付き) ・1月24日 16時〜18時参加費:500円(お茶お菓子付き) お好きな編み物を持ってご参加ください。英文パターン推奨。その場で毛糸を買って編み始めることもできます。参加ご希望の方は、 まで「6号京都ニットカフェ希望」と書いて、参加日時、お名前、ご住所、お電話番号などをお知らせ下さい。 松庵文庫@東京日時:1/31 (土) 12時~17時場所:松庵文庫〒1670054 東京都杉並区松庵3-12-22  電話:03-5941-3662Web: 作品の展示、キットや糸の販売、ニットカフェ満席となりました。ありがとうございました! ニットカフェ:1月31日 14時〜16時参加費:1000円(お茶お菓子付き) お好きな編み物を持ってご参加ください。英文パターン推奨。amirisuの作品や英文パターンについてのご質問にもお答えします。参加ご希望の方は、 まで「6号松庵文庫ニットカフェ希望」と書いて、お名前、ご住所、お電話番号などをお知らせ下さい。


Free Pattern from amirisu – Pixie Scarf Hat

We have an early holiday gift for you!This cute little pixie hat has a scarf attached to it, which allows you (your little ones) to wear it in many different ways.  It’s designed by our staff, Miyoko, using one skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK.It’s perfect for a last minute holiday gift! Pixie Scarf Hat…